EA Local Store Marketing Program

Partner with Bee Local and make the most out of your local marketing investment

After partnering with over 25 DMAs/Market Groups in 2019, covering more than 400 stores, Bee Local Marketing is offering the same localized and customized campaigns at the individual store level!

By signing up your individual location, you will gain access to our complete process from custom content creation to localized execution, we keep costs low by leveraging the volume of stores we are currently working with and sharing expenses across all locations.

Paid Social Media


New clients require a 3 month subscription.
Payments are automatically charged to the card on file monthly.
Once your subscription expires contract runs month to month.

Paid Social Ad Spend: $260
Campaign Management: $65

Facebook and Instagram Paid Social Advertisements
Targeted by Servicing Zip Codes and/or Store Radius
Your Ads Are Customized to Your Market/Location
Various campaigns to fit your individual store needs

We Have Brand Experience

Drew Sirico

"During my 20 year Digital Marketing career, the 4+ years as Sr. Director of eCommerce was an incredibly valuable and rewarding stretch! In addition to managing the Edible® National Digital Campaigns and eventually day-to-day optimization of the edible.com website, my team proudly collaborated with franchisees regularly, creating initiatives such as Local SEM and Local Store Email Programs. This second stretch with EA, working directly with the owners under my own agency banner has been equally as exciting and even MORE rewarding."

Kelley Sirico

"As a Brand Marketer, I have enjoyed working on the Edible brand since 2014. During my 4+ years at the Corporate Office, I enjoyed crafting countless integrated campaigns, launching new products and activating co-branded partnerships. Still, my favorite post at HQ was building out the Business Development team where our sole focus was driving store sales through local business gifting efforts. I had the honor of collaborating directly with some of the best owners and managers in the system. Today, I get to enjoy that same benefit."

Customized Campaigns

All of our ads (including post copy, area targeting and creative) can be customized to your market or location. Your dollars are guaranteed to be spent on relevant ads being shown in your specific area, to your specific audience.

Results Oriented

“Likes”, “Comments” and “Shares” are great to help build a social following but our campaigns are designed to drive sales. We run campaigns up and down the marketing funnel from short-form videos designed for reach to product carousels aimed at online and in-store conversions. 


While some of our campaigns are designed to capture web sales, the majority are created to help build location awareness and drive in-store sales. We use a combination of drive-to-store and reach campaigns, featuring call-to-actions such as “Call Now” or “Get Directions”, to capitalize on consumer intent.

Why Bee Local?

Proven Track Record

Collectively, across all of our DMAs in 2019 we drove; 100,000,000+ impressions, nearly 350,000 clicks and over $1,400,000 in attributed web sales alone.

Localized Placements

We understand the importance of variability by geo-locale. Customers in Austin may interact with certain products or messaging differently than those in Boston. We tailor our campaigns to fit your unique area.

Test and Learn

We are frequently testing ad copy, creative, audience selection and geo-targeting parameters to deliver the best content to the ideal audience at the right time.

Reach People On The Go

Our paid social media campaigns focus heavily on Facebook and Instagram. These platforms have a 96% user reach via mobile devices.

Build Your Customer List

Our paid social media campaigns can drive new customers to your store. By capturing new customer information through prospecting, it allows you to remarket to them for future holidays and ocassions.

Customized Ads

Our ads are customized to your market or location. Your dollars are guaranteed to be spent on relevant ads being shown in your specific area, to your specific audience.

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